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The Nuts & Bolts of
Yellow Brick AstroImages
Full Color Images
Detailed images of all 110 Messier objects plus 50 more of the most prominent objects visible from the northern hemisphere. Each image is accompanied with informative facts, a summary description, and information on exposure times, camera, and telescope configuration.
Learn the in's and out's of astrophotography including complete descriptions of hardware, software, and image processing techniques.

This handy 210 page handbook measures 7 inches square and is filled with awesome images of the universe.  Images taken with Canon DSLR cameras (6D and T5i) , SBIG STF8300M monochrome CCD camera, and Celestron Nightscape 10100 color CCD camera.  The telescope is the Celestron CGEM 11" HD.
Color Glossy
Color Photos of over 160 wonders of the universe.
Informative Reference
Identifies the objects which are within reach of the backyard astronomer. What they look like, where they are, and when.
Introduction to astronomy for students or astroimagers. Summary information is included for each image.
Easy Access Handbook
This Small Handbook is simple and easy to flip through for quick identification of objects, and for reference. 
"How to" Reference
The Handbook provides the amateur photographer with the  information required for setup and successful imaging of  deep space objects. Reveals basic  techniques, including image preprocessing, stacking, digital enhancement and image layering.